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Madrid Bucca Club

Bucca Madrid – A Place to Enjoy Nightclub in a Classy Style

Bucca Madrid has space of more than 1500 square meters and consisted of two floors with a capacity for 700 people. It also offers disco but has space and sound equipment for concerts up to 450 people and can hold events of all kinds. National and international DJs are in action for performing the best of electronic music scene in Ibiza roots and the performances follow one another and the master of bartending Vicente Romero offers a stunning cocktail bar chart based on the natural products.


If you thinks all the nightclubs look alike and when you visit Bucca Madrid, your sense of the nightclubs he will be changed forever. The room is hidden behind the skyscrapers of La Castellana, after a black door with steps down. Bucca nightclub covered an innovative concept that combines trends, art and clubbing atmosphere.


Every week, you can expect the best DJs of Ibiza such as Sebastian Gamboa, PBrothers with live music and acrobats flying on the tables making amazing performances are some of the hallmarks of Bucca nightclub.


Bucca Madrid offers a varied gastronomic ambience to the public with group menus, catering, product display and halls for press calls and presentations. The expert and master bartending mixologist Vicente Romero offers stunning cocktails to the visitors. The whole bar system is created by Vincent Romero, recognized worldwide in the hospitality industry with a background of backlog in more than 15 countries in 4 different continents with more than 700 students affiliated with the study only in Italy and 3,000 in the rest of Europe. It is considered the instructor with more experience in the international market training sector and services hospitality and his reputation is recognized and consolidated with brands and companies relevant to international prestige.


In Bucca Madrid, you also have a wide range of professionals to meet all customers’ needs and it is a major asset of Bucca Club which in turn is the best competitive advantage. The range of services extends to everything that customers can ask or from contemporary dance to acrobatics, through the tango, live music, among many others.


Some Important Points about Bucca Madrid


Days: Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Timings: From 00:00 to 06:00

Address: Calle Juan Ramon Jimenez 26

City: Madrid

Subway: Metro Cuzco

Music: Varied Pachangueo, Reggaeton and House

Clothing: Well-dressed boys and girls wearing polo shirts

Average Age: Over 28 to 30 years

Ambiance: Elegant and classy


You must visit Bucca Madrid to experience a happening nightlife.